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Welcome to London & North Western Railway Heritage Company Limited.

Based in Crewe, the Company is the largest and most successful business of its type in the UK. It combines the very best of the old with the new and can deliver projects of any size to exacting standards, timescales and budgets.
In the 15 years since it was first established, the workforce has grown from a small handful of artisans to number about 50 full time employees. In that time, it has successfully delivered some of the most complex and significant engineering projects undertaken in the UK, details of which you will find as you navigate through this website.
You will find many references to our commitment to education and training. We think that the most valuable investment we make is in our people. Alongside this, we are continuing to invest heavily in the equipment and machinery that will allow us to offer the widest possible range of services to our customers.
The preserved railway sector is an unsung economic success story in the UK. A large number of local communities and countless thousands of people depend on the visitors these railways attract and we are proud that many of them rely on us to keep their locomotives and carriages in good working order. You will find examples of our work the length and breadth of the country.
The decline of the UK’s manufacturing capability over the last 50 years is well chronicled. We, though, decided that we could buck that trend. It was just too depressing to us to think that having invented the railway we couldn’t sustain an industry that would protect this wonderful legacy and allow future generations to enjoy the spectacle of seeing a steam locomotive (or an early diesel or electric loco) as it was intended – working, not mounted on a plinth and stuck in a museum.
Pete Waterman, OBE

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